Friday, January 30, 2009

It's a new year, with new bikes

With Fall semester now behind us and the cold Logan weather upon us we still working hard to help those who are braving the freezing temperatures on their bikes daily.

We are still renting bikes, for those of you who are looking for a ride around town, and we have institute a new rental program alongside our usual program.
Aggie Blue Bikes now does daily rentals that are of course FREE. Lets say you want to go on a hot date and you want to ride bikes, you won't have to worry about trying to scrounge up a cute pair of bikes because we've got em!
Don't worry, these bikes aren't just for hot dates, they are for anyone who needs a bike for a day to run errands, take a leisure ride around the valley, or join one of the local bike gangs (which don't exists).
Along with new bikes we also have new educational classes that are FREE to everyone. Our new classes include bike safety and Utah laws, Ladies night at Aggie Blue Bikes, and Derailer and brake adjustment.
Our February classes are as follows:
February 12- Ladies night at Aggie Blue Bikes. A women only class that teaches all about bikes, from components to what types of cycling are out there. Note: This is a two hour class
February 26- Brake and Derailer Adjustment class.
All Classes start at 7 pm.

We hope that you all will stop by the shop and say hi, with or without your bike. We are always happy to see people come in and ask questions.
With bike safety being one of our big focuses we leave you with this parting shot. This couple may be cute and you may be tempted to do this as well but remember, safety first.