Friday, February 27, 2009

Help Save Aggie Blue Bikes, Ride Wth Us Tuesday!

As many of you may or may not know, next week is the vote for the $1.25 fee increase. To get people voting, we are doing a group ride through campus on Tuesday. This is in no way a militant biking event, it is simply a group ride to let people know that voting yes for Aggie Blue Bikes is imperative. Without this vote, Blue Bikes will be forced to close their doors in a year.

So about the group ride.....
Meet at Aggie Blue Bikes at 10 am Tuesday morning, we will ride at 10:15-10:20ish. The ride will go for roughly 20 minutes through campus, hitting main drags through campus, and end up in front of the fountain by the TSC. We will set up shop their and hang out, passing out fliers, do bike tricks, and talking to people about the fee.
We are encouraging everyone to rides to wear a blue shirt (aggie blue!) and a helmet. Bring all your friends, it doesn't matter what kind of bike you have, EVERYONE is welcome.
Please come out and support our cause. The shop will be open all day (as usual) so come lube your chain, adjust your derailleurs or talk bikes with us. We appreciate all of your help. If you would like to support us more via facebook, feel free to use our profile picture as your own next week, and change your status. :) Thanks again everyone!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Videos for the week

At Aggie Blue Bikes we are all about bikes, as you know. We fix, we ride, we obsesses and we watch movies about bikes. This weekend we got on youtube and found a few videos we want to share with you that runs the gamut of biking possibility. The Fast and the Furious, and fixed gear hipsters, the Pedi Polo players, the racers, and a few of our favorite cycling film previews. Check it out and post the links to a few of your favorites. Don't forget to ride responsibly this week. The weather is looking good and so it voting for the Aggie Blue Bikes fee increase so ride your bike and vote yes to help save Aggie Blue Bikes!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Class Schedule for Spring Semester 2009

Although it has been cold outside we've been staying warm at Aggie Blue Bikes by wrenching, planning, and trying to deliver to you the most kick A semester of classes that are FREE. It is our goal at ABB to bring you quality classes, opportunities for learning, and a chance to meet other cyclists in the community. If you are a roadie, mountain biker, commuter, or a trials rider we've got plenty of chance for you to meet more of your kind.
With our first Ladies Night being a success we will be hosting it once a month so all th ladies have some time in the shop with out the guys. But guys, don't freak out, there will be plenty of times for you to meet the lovely ladies of cycling.
Without further ado, here is the Spring schedule. Note that all classes start at 7 pm and are hands on, so bring your bike with you.

February 26- Break and Derailers class. Learn how to adjust the most esential parts of your ride. and do it to your own bike in the process.

March 5- Bike Social. This is a chance cyclists (male and female) to meet each other, talk about trails, eat a little food, hang out, watch some cycling films, get tips for trails to ride during spring break, and enjoy the company of people who like bikes.

March 19- Ladies Night. Back by popular demand, ladies night is a women only class that give the ladies a chance to get away from the men for a night and learn more about their bikes.

April 2- Bike Movie Night- What a better way to celebrate the spring and gear up for riding than to watch a movie about biking? All you have to do is come and enjoy the sweet cinimatic elements of Breaking Away, one of the greatest cycling movies ever.

April 9- Ladies Night- You know what it's about so come on in to the shop.

April 23- Spring Cleaning class- Your bike has been in the snow all winter, in a garage, or maybe you just scored a sweet ride from and it needs some fixing. Whatever the case is it is time to get that bike in shape so you can pedal your bumbum around Logan. Bring your bike in and learn what needs to be done to over haul that two wheeled machine into a firey biking beaut.

May 16-Cache Valley Bike Festival. It's big, it's awesome, it's the woodstock of bikes and it will change your life. Hosted in down town historic Logan's Merlin Olsen Park, the Cache Valley Bike Festival is all about bike culture, music, and food. Learn about trails in Logan, biking of all kinds, and bike safety. If you have the racing bug in you come and join in on our drag races and slow races. 9-3 pm.