Monday, April 13, 2009


Good news here at Aggie Blue Bikes, Our Pedal Power PA system is working! It has had two big trial runs at events here in Logan and works like a champ (as long as there is no bio crank involved). If you want to see it in action in the next few weeks come to the "Bike for Music" concert on May 4 at the USU Amphitheater on Old Main Hill. Shake your Peace, a bike touring band, will be playing at this all green, zero carbon show that is FREE. If you want, you can also join us on the group ride before the show.It is just a casual thing so don't worry, you can leave your spandex and Gatorade at home. ;)

We are really excited that it is almost May.Why? Because May is national bike month and we have LOADS of activities planned. The Shake You Peace show, The Cache Valley Bike Festival (BIG DEAL PEOPLE! COME OUT AND REP YOUR BIKE!), and a bike tour at the end of May to Maple Grove Hot Springs. For more details on any of these activities come into Aggie Blue Bikes and pay us a visit, we love to see new and old faces

With spring finally here we hope that you are all out riding your bikes and having a good time. Remember, Aggie Blue Bikes is always here for your bicycling needs.