Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wednesday closure

Hey cyberspace, Blue Bikes has a new summer schedule for when we are open.
Due to the high demand for our one-on-one tutorials we have been so busy helping you all with your biking needs that we haven't been able to get all of our semester check-out bikes out to all the folks who have signed up for one. So we will be closed on Wednesdays for the month of June. If you have a biketastic emergency hit up one of the shops in town and they can help you get your ride up and running, or you can just wait till we are open on Thursday.
Our business hours are as follows 9-5 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Stop by any time during those hours and we will welcome you with open arms, give you a pat on the bike, and help you with whatever your bike problem is.
If you are wondering what kinds of great educational classes and bike rides we will have this summer check back next week and we will have our class schedule up. We hope you all are having a great summer and that you were able to stop by the Cache Valley Bike Festival last month. It was a lot of fun and a success. We will have pictures up soon. Ride on....