Friday, July 31, 2009

Blue Bikes update and the 2 mile challenge

"Bicyclists fare best when act and treated and drivers of vehicles"

It's been a long but great summer here at Aggie Blue Bikes. The shop is hoppin', our bikes are moving, we've been able to do some great community out reach with the L@s Abejos group, and we've been braining storming up the wazoo to make this upcoming school year the most cycletastic year to date.
This fall we are hosting the first ever USU Bike week on campus. One week of pure cycling joy and bliss, we are planning on having fundicational (fun+educational) activities that will help you become a more responsible and aware bike rider. If you are reading this blog that you probably already know and think how great cycling is, and we love you for that. But bike week is aimed not only at you but at every student and faculty member on campus who might ride a bike, thinks about riding a bike, commutes just to class, or doesn't ride a bike at all. We know that's a broad spectrum of people but we want to educate everyone on the laws of cycling. Why? Because it is everyone's responsibility to keep the roads safe for everyone and we want to help instill that knowledge with the campus community.
With that being said, What kind of mind blowing activities are we going to have going on at bike week? Well, we want to keep things focused around the Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge and encourage everyone to try to ride within two miles of home. More details are to come but we can promise you these activities so far.

Moon light and Pedal Powered Music- A twilight concert at the Amphitheater featuring local musicians with their musical stylings amplified on the pedal power PA system. It is of course FREE to everyone.

Bike to School day- Modeled after bike to work day, we are encouraging all of you, students and faculty to ride your bike and pack the bike racks on campus. Blue Bikes will also have feed stations set up around campus and will be handing out FREE breakfast everyone who rides their bike to school that day.

Baked goods for blue bikes- We know the power of good food to keep you fueled while you are riding so we are bringing you baked goods that are worth the price. Oh and we might just have a pedal powered smoothie maker as well. No two things go better together than bicycles and great food.

Spandex dance party- The 80’s were an awesome time for all things stretchy and bike worthy. Why not celebrate those on a Friday night of fun. The spandex dance party will also have a raffle attached to it. All those who buy a ticket are automatically entered into a drawing for bike commuting accessories, such as bike lights, water bottles, socks, and t-shirts all donate by local shops and bike companies. The price for admission to the event is $2. Proceeds go to support bike week and Aggie Blue Bikes.

Thats just a taste of all the goodness that bike week will have to offer. Be excited, be VERY excited because you won't be disappointed. Not at all.

In the mean time, stop by the shop and fix up your sweet ride. If you are intimidated to stop by, don't be. Aggie Blue Bikes is where you should come to be educated on bikes, just like you would go to class to become educated US institutions...if you went to class.