Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Class Next Wednesday!

So the semester has started and blue bikes is on its way to making sure you not only get educated in the class room but you get educated on bike safety at our shop. Our first class is Wednesday, September 2. This class will be taught by Bob Bayn, a League of American Cyclists Instructor and seasoned bicycle commuter.
The Ride Smart class will be approximately an hour and a half, starting at 6pm, and will cover the rules and laws of riding your bike. The class will take place in our shop and on the road so be sure to bring your bicycle with you so you can take the concepts taught in the class and put them to good use.
If you can't make it to the class this week be sure to come to Ride Smart part II next week. This is a great class for beginning bike commuters and experienced ones as well. It never hurts to brush up on your knowledge of road safety and your responsibilities as a cyclist on the road.
Hope to see you all there! For more details about the fall classes stop by our shop and find out whats going this month and in the upcoming months.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bike education classes? I'll take two...

So we've leaked the word about USU Bike week but we failed to tell you that Bike Week isn't the only great thing Blue Bikes is doing this fall, weekly community education classes is something of equal coolness that we will have as well.
What are our community weekly classes about? Educating you on things we doing normally get the chance to educate the community on, such as bike touring, air quality education, and specific over hauling of parts on your bike.
Community weekly classes will be every Wednesday or Thursday evening, but not all classes are inside at Blue Bikes. Some classes will be a bike picnic where we meet at Blue Bikes with food on our backs and ride to a nearby park to enjoy the company of other cyclists and ride our bikes.
We want to keep the serious business going to it won't be all fun and games. Bottom bracket overhaul, Air quality, and basic bike maintenance are also on the list of classes that are reclaiming cool and recycling it into a blue bike.
Long standing favorite classes like Ladies Night and Bike Movie night will also find their way onto the schedule, ladies night being the third Wednesday of Every month, unless otherwise noted.
We are hoping to see you all this upcoming fall in the shop fixing your bike or in for one of our classes. We leave you with this parting shot of Japans bike parking tower. So it's in Japanese but it's not to hard to figure out what they are doing and why it is so cool. May the bike parking revolution begin!