Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bike Week= SUCCESS!

We want to start this blog off by thanking all of you who participated, spread the word, and were supporters of the first annual USU Bike Week. We also want to give a shout out to our sponsors, Caffe Ibis, Shaffer House Bakery, Paradise Valley Orchards, Sunrise Cyclery and the UCC.

With that being said, why was bike week so great? We were able to reach out to lots of people through each of our activities that we had throughout bike week.
Monday, the 19th, when we kicked off the week with our chain lube and bike adjustment station we were able spread the good word of Blue Bikes to the unbelievers and lube a couple chains while we were at it.
Tuesday was a great day to learn bike maintenance and we had a great turn out to our class that was taught by Sunrise Cyclery. If you missed this bike maintenance class but you are dieing to know how to fix your bike, worry not. We will have more of these classes coming up.
Our pedal powered concert went off with a few hitches, like our inverter in the pedal powered system kicking the bucket. But it wasn't long till we had a new inverter and we were up and running with audience members pedaling their way to slimmer bums and carbon free music.
Bike to Campus day was our biggest event and we had lots of participants. Einstein Bagel's gave us so many bagels we were afraid we wouldn't be able to give them all away. But alas, the number of people who showed up shocked us all and we were able to give away all the food that was donated by local businesses. We were also able to spread the good word our pedal powered music making machine.

It was inspiring to see so many people on bikes supporting the effort to clean up Cache Valley's air. Seeing students, faculty, men, woman, hipsters, commuters, jocks, preps, and people from pretty much every walk of life, was a great experience. Everyone has the potential to be a bike rider, it's not just one type of person, it is everyone. If every person changed their mind set just a little bit and said, "from now on I will ride my bike instead of driving to the gym" or, "I will ride my bike to the bus stop and take the bus, with my bike, up to campus.", or "I will walk to the store that is 4 blocks from my house, instead of driving there every time I need a jug of milk or a loaf of bread." or, "I will car pool to church, school, and if possible work."
Small changes make the biggest differences to future generations, our own lives, and maybe even our pocket books. There is a lot to be said for riding your bike, a lot that is good.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and contributed to the first annual bike week. We look forward to next years bike week, which will be bigger and better, no doubt about it.

check out our photos from the bicycle breakfast. All photos are courtesy of Caroline Shugart

Local apples! They tasted so good! mmm...

Just a few folks enjoying bagels and such

Our boss Adam was pretty happy about the bagels.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bike week October 19-23

It's almost here! We can feel it! The one week of two wheeled excitement and education! It's (drum roll please)... USU BIKE WEEK!!!!! So what exactly does bike week entail? Well, we are glad you asked.
Bike Week is the one week we triple our efforts to show why pedal power in all forms is so important to us and to air quality in Cache Valley. During this week we also strive to show students the importance of bike maintenance and riding bikes year round.
So this is what we have planned to make bike week phenomenal.

Monday- FREE chain lube station outside the TSC from 9-1 with carbon free tunes via our pedal power system.

Tuesday- Bike Maintenance class taught by Sunrise Cyclery. This is something you don't want to miss. One of the master mechanics at Sunrise cyclery will be teaching about basic bike maintenance and it's importance to you as a commuter.

Wednesday- Pedal Powered concert! 7pm, TSC auditorium, $3. We love music and bikes and when we get the chance to put the two together it is complete bliss. We have a killer line up for the night, Julia Mecham, Ryan Morse, and the Angels share will be playing on our Pedal Power PA system. FREE Hot Chocolate and Coffee if you bring your own cup. mmm....

Friday- BIKE TO SCHOOL DAY! We ride our bikes every day and we know you do too, but for the few that don't we have an insentive for you. We want to get as many people as we can on bikes for a day to feel the benefit of bike riding and for doing so we will give you a free breakfast. Yes, thats right. FREE FOOD. All you have to do is ride your bike by our feed station outside the TSC anytime from 7:30-11:00 and we will give you breakfast.

We hope to see you all at these killer activities. Bring your friends, your mom, your sister. Everyone is welcome to attend! Be there, you won't regret it.

Want to know what a pedal power PA system looks like? Check out the video below shot at the San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

USU Bike Week! Burn calories, not gas! October 19-23

First, we want to thank all of you who came to the Pedal Picnic last week. We had a really good turn out and great food was shared between everyone who came. We hope to see more of the same turn out at our future classes and events.
Also, much thanks to everyone who came to our Parts Garage Sale Fundraiser. We really appreciate the support that everyone has given us in helping keep Aggie Blue Bikes afloat.
Now to whats happening in October at Blue Bikes....
We are always looking at ways to keep people informed about bicycles and to teach the uninformed about why the bicycle is one of the best inventions for transportation. This year we are doing USU Bike Week,October 19-23, a whole week dedicated to informing students and employees of USU about what riding a bike can do for you, why bikes totally rock, and how they are changing our world everyday. Sound like fun? Yeah, we thought so too. We will be making pedal power PA systems and bike helmets part of everyday life, because to us, they are.
So keep your eyes pealed for what is going on and stop by the blog later this week for more details on whats up with bike week. Hope to see lots of you at our events either shakein' your peace at our pedal powered show or grabbing breakfast at our bike through Bike to school day book on October 23.