Friday, January 15, 2010

It's a new year!

At Blue Bikes we look at new years as a chance to keep moving forward and making Blue Bikes a better place for students and faculty at USU.
We have added another user tool board, putting us at a total of three user tool boards, converted more bikes for three month check outs and moved into paperless check outs which is good for us and you.
This year we have also added community memberships to the list of things we are doing to improve Blue Bikes. What does this mean? If you are not a student or employee of Utah State University you can buy a year membership to Blue Bikes for $40. The membership includes unlimited use of the user tool boards, bicycle check outs, and educational classes. It's a pretty sweet deal for $40, undeniably sweet.
In other news... We will be having community weekly educational classes again this semester and we are introducing our first ever bike touring class. What does that mean? It means we, and two very seasoned bike tour veterans, will be educating you on the basics of bike touring, so that you too can see the world from behind the handlebars of a two wheeled love machine.
See ya on the road!