Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Final Push... not literally... hopefully

The semester is drawing to an end and winter has struck. We hope that as you enter this final push that that is not the case with your bike. Bring your bike into Blue Bikes so we can help you give your bike that much needed oil and clean-up from the winter time road sludge that destroys. Riding through the winter can be a wonderful experience and is still faster than walking or taking the bus. So we hope to see you soon!

Interestingly enough, those who ride through the winter are better riders, in addition to having favorable impacts on air quality.

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Sara said...

This is totally random...but not at the same time. I am working with the student counsel at Snow College. We are doing a service learning project to establish a program mimicking yours. We would be "Badger Blue Bikes." We are currently in the process of creating paperwork. I was wondering if you would be willing to email me about the program and how all of it is run with the school, or possibly provide me with information regarding how to get in touch with someone who can answer our questions.


Thank you for any information you can supply,